Wednesday, July 28, 2004

From Touchstone’s blog via blogforlovers
Fr Pat Reardon on ‘liturgical renewal’ talk creeping in among the Orthodox
The single exception ...was a disappointing lecture on “liturgical renewal” by a professor from one of the Orthodox seminaries. The material was essentially the same shortsighted nonsense that the Roman Catholics, Anglicans, and Lutherans were forced to endure thirty or forty years ago.

We clergy, three quarters of us adult converts to the Orthodox Church, sat in sackcloth and inwardly groaned like pelicans in the wilderness, while a life-long Orthodox liturgical expert explained to us at length that Orthodox worship “no longer speaks meaningfully to modern man” and suggested ways in which an established panel of his cronies and clones might bring their expertise to bear on this crushing problem of Orthodox irrelevance to American life. They would pull our worship up to date and make it more meaningful to the refined sensibilities of contemporary society.

•The last time anybody really believed this crap in the West was about 30-40 years ago.
•I would dare the speaker to find a church person under 45 who does now.
•Look at the results - empty churches and more unchurched people.
•The people who push this stuff really don't get it - they think people who work in grey office cubicles want church to be like that. Often they don't have to live that way themselves - they're clergy and/or tenured professors, not corporate wage-slaves. No, human nature doesn't change and it's really no different from the industrial slums of 19th-century England, those dark satanic mills where the first Anglo-Catholic priests brought material relief and, more important, a spiritual alternative with lots of colour and joy. So it should be amid these dark satanic mills.

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