Tuesday, July 20, 2004

From Virtuosity
Thump, thump, thump... another one bites the dust
And if you want to know just how theologically bankrupt the church is,
read what the weekly newsletter from St. Mary the Virgin [in Manhattan], a famous
Anglo-Catholic church in the DIOCESE OF NEW YORK, which in recent years has
become a heaven
[sic] for gay people. The Rector, Stephen Gerth says: "The
Episcopal Church is famously a Christian community where Scripture and
tradition alone do not define our faith. Reason along with Scripture and
tradition does too. We don't have to pretend Peter was the first pope -
or that anyone alive in his day thought he was. We don't have to pretend
that the Bible is literally true - we believe it reveals to us what we
need to know." Of course.

From being a place that celebrated Marian feasts and meant it to Unitarians with liturgical affectations, in only half a century. (Ditto St Ignatius on the West Side.)

Lord, in Thy mercy: hear our prayer.

'And another one gone and another one gone - another one bites the dust' as talented late friend-of-Dorothy Freddy Mercury sang.

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