Saturday, July 17, 2004

Lasagne to lap-dances
Eew. So much of what one can hate about Philadelphia - 'Fluffya' - packed into one article. Did the U of Penn - a lovely Ivy League college, some of whose graduates are my acquaintances - with its 'gentrification' of the neighbourhood drive the owner of a successful Italian restaurant into pimping and porn or is he just throwing pizza-pie in our eyes? And of course there's the Mafia thing.

City Paper: Philly boy your whole life, right?

Ted Pagano: Born in ’42 at 6544 Lansdowne Ave. Graduate of St. Tommy Moore [sic]. Forever Moore!

Heh. Modern American RC schools: 'you'll value the values'. That high school, St Thomas More (great Catholic saint - see Paul Scofield in A Man for All Seasons), is now Clara Muhammad School, owned by black former Nation of Islam people who have been real Muslims for about 25 years. Got to admire their observance - the ladies look a lot like proper nuns! (And all in black, like Byzantine Rite ones specifically.) Salaam aleikum.

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