Wednesday, July 14, 2004

Liberal pandering at church
O let me count the ways this is so wrong (besides the fact that there is no such thing as women bishops).

• Want to try 'Christian rap'? Go right ahead - but not in church.
• I've nothing against inculturation based on sound Catholic principles. But no, this seems to go against the nature of liturgy - being co-opted for an ethnic pep rally.
• And who's doing the rallying? To quote my good friend Joe Oliveri, 'The thing that gets me about these "hip hop" Masses is the fact that the celebrants are almost always poseurs: lily-white, upper middle-class and aging. Few of these people actually grew up in an urban "ghetto" culture, and their attempts to sound relevant typically come across as ridiculous and sad.' A punto, signore. And to quote Paul F., 'And any of my black friends' grandmothers would agree with me that that bishopess' role in the Mass is irreparably nerdy'.
• OK, maybe she really does mean well but it looks to me like the return of Two-Beer White Guy (Item No. 2 on the linked page) mixed with condescension and/or the poor lady is going through a serious midlife crisis.
• Wasn't there a scene like this in Neil Diamond's godawful remake of The Jazz Singer, where he's a hit at a Harlem nightclub in blackface? (Laurence Olivier: 'I hef no son!')

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