Tuesday, July 27, 2004

Like watching a dear friend drink or dope himself into oblivion
From this RC-related article:

Yet concern about the teaching of Catholic doctrine is wide spread. I have heard it expressed in the most diverse circumstances. During a trip to Moscow in December 2001, Metropolitan Kiril, the number two man in the Russian Orthodox hierarchy, told me he was "worried" about the orthodoxy of modern Catholic theology. Professor Jaroslav Pelikan, renowned for his study of the history of Christian doctrine, told me in the summer of 2002 that he was "alarmed" by the "superficiality" of much modern Catholic theology - and by the way Rome appeared to countenance various theological trends which contain heretical tendencies. "I am quite concerned about Rome", he said. And even in Rome, a number of Vatican officials have expressed to me privately their concern about the lack of profound orthodox Catholic doctrine in many parts of the world.

The good metropolitan, whose name in Russian and Slavonic is spelt with two l's (Кириллъ) and who is in charge of the Church of Russia's eparchies and exarchates abroad, and the good professor (a born Lutheran of Czech or Slovak heritage who quietly became Eastern Orthodox a few years ago) get the Catholic vs. 'Catholic' thing and rightly suss that much of what is passed off as RC is really mock-inverted-commas 'Catholic'.

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