Monday, July 26, 2004

LRC pick
The myth of the peace-loving liberal
'Make war, not love': Thomas Woods on the real foreign policy of the Left.

'American imperialism is, at its roots, a left-wing disorder rather than a conservative impulse.'

Or why it pisses me off when today's warmongers are called - and call themselves - conservatives.

The Spanish-American War lasted a mere three months. The humanitarian aspect—namely, liberating Cuba from Spanish rule—was bound to appeal to progressives. And support it the progressives did. Feminist leader Elizabeth Cady Stanton was typical: “Though I hate war per se,” she wrote, “I am glad that it has come in this instance. I would like to see Spain … swept from the face of the earth.”

Stanton had a point regarding women's rights - she was what Christina Hoff Sommers calls an 'equity feminist', for fair play and equal pay - but this remark is very telling. Liberalism meets bad old-fashioned protty American anti-Catholicism: the black legend of Spain.

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