Saturday, July 24, 2004

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Erasing the South
Reminds me of my visits to yankeefied Raleigh, NC, not only made so by uni students and corporate transients (what a godawful way to live) but - having seen the statehouse - rewritten/erased by Reconstruction.

Come on, America, you’re choosing a president, not a date
Thank you. Reminds me of what sometime friend and RC apologist Mark Bonocore - who bogglingly accepted the Novus Ordo and much else that came down the pipe but was more revanchist ('ancient-minded') than me in other ways - said about women and the vote (opposition to which is not the official position of this blog, but anyway), that they tend to vote for the handsome candidate who seems like he'd take good care of them. Charley Reese's advice is for such (of course not all) women.

You make a mockery of self-government if you allow demagogues to influence your vote on the basis of phony issues. The real threats facing the United States are not homosexual marriages or even legal abortions. If you allow people to persuade you to cast your vote based on those two issues, you are wasting your vote, because I guarantee that the politicians, regardless of what they say now, will not do anything about either one of them. These are scarlet fish.

Finally, you are making a mockery of self-government if you allow your vote to be influenced by concerns for a foreign country. And yes, I'm directing this to the Israel-first crowd, both Jew and Christian. The election in November is for the president of the United States, not the deputy prime minister of Israel. If you love Israel more than America, then by all means emigrate, join the Israeli Defense Forces and do your part. We need a president who will make his decisions based on the best interests of the United States, not those of Israel (or France, or Japan, or any other country).

A punto.

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