Friday, July 23, 2004

An LRC potpourri
Young men of the Old Right
Murray Rothbard explains the latter

Neither were many of these libertarians "Protestants." Meyer and Chodorov were Jewish, Mencken was an atheist, and Nock, although a lapsed Anglican minister, could hardly have belonged to any of the sects that Miles, in his obsolescent way, identifies with the Calvinist Protestants who were supposed to have ushered in the spirit and institutions of Western capitalism.

Robert Taft, the man who should have been president

The party-line version of American history: a parody

Rather like what the average Protestant-manqué American thinks is Christian history: in the beginning there was God, and then there was Jesus, who was His Son, whatever that means, and then there was the Bible, coming from somewhere, don't know where, and everything was great, but then those Catholics (cue the menacing incidental music here - duh-duh-DUMMMMM) showed up and loused it all up. (The churched go on to say 'until [name the venerable founder of one's sect here] came along and restored it'.)

Never mind the PC bollocks:

Taking sex differences seriously
Telling men not to become aroused by signs of beauty, youth and health is, as David Buss has noted, like ‘telling them not to experience sugar as sweet’. Using MRIs to examine young men’s brains as they look at beautiful women, researchers found that feminine beauty affects a man’s brain at a primal level – similar to what a hungry man gets from a meal or an addict from a fix.

Of course! That's how God made us. Which is partly behind the ubiquity of soft-sell advertising, putting a beautiful face and/or figure in an advert for no other reason (nothing directly to do with the product!).

Debate with a ‘Christian statist’
Like the Bushistas who occasionally pop into the comments boxes here

Pentagon tries to shove Abu-Ghraib into the memory hole

End the two-party monopoly

By US Congressman Ron Paul, MD (Texas)

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