Tuesday, August 31, 2004

Eastern churches news
The pilgrim looks East
On Pope John Paul II's goodwill to the Russian Orthodox and the return home of Our Lady of Kazan

To the alarm of the Moscow church hierarchy, the Vatican originally mooted the idea of trading the return of its Kazan icon for a papal visit—something the Orthodox Church has opposed so long as disputes over the “poaching” of worshippers in Russia and elsewhere remain unresolved.
The RC authorities are scrupulously not doing that in Russia. And Patriarch Alexis II's broken-record rabbiting on about the western Ukraine is groundless - the Ukrainian Catholic Church rebounded from his old Communist bosses trying to kill it and took back the parish churches those bosses had stolen from them.

Patriarch Alexis II:

We still have good relations with dioceses, parishes and monasteries of the Catholic Church and cooperation with Catholic humanitarian organizations and educational institutions.
As Fr Deacon Lance Weakland has translated it:

Even though we continue to harass the Catholic Church in Russia, we gladly continue to accept any money Catholics like Aid to the Church in Need are handing out.
A punto.

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