Thursday, August 19, 2004

Eastern churches-related rant
Ruthenian doings in the States, or what’s wrong with Byzantine Catholic practice
From here:

3:30 p.m., "Mystery of Reconciliation" (Confessions), Retreat Center Patio



Oх, Боже мой. I'm not trying to push schism with this blog (which ticks some people off - you can't please everybody and I don't bother trying) but these three things illustrate so much of what's wrong among Byzantine Catholics. From the jumbled jargon ('Mystery of Reconciliation' - that's a larf) to the modern nun doing her thing to the beardless priests in plain bedsheet vestments, it all proves things said both by a cyber-acquaintance (before he went completely barmy) and good friend Paul Goings.

Cyber-man: 'they're modern(ist) RCs [kinda/sorta halfheartedly] trying to act Orthodox' - because Rome is making them. They bollocks it up ’cos they don't know how to do it and the rank and file really don't care to learn.

Paul: 'They've got different (and better) words in their rite and a different and better setting than the Novus Ordo but their approach to church practice is exactly the same'. This isn't the Russian Orthodox world of Dostoevsky and The Way of a Pilgrim or even of the rest of the historic Catholic mainstream such as the Roman Rite until 35 years ago.

BTW, happy feast of the Transfiguration in the Julian-calendar Byzantine Rite (one of Eastern Orthodoxy's 12 important holy days besides Easter, commemorated on the iconostasis) and happy St John Eudes' day to the Roman Rite.

Преобразился еси на горе, Христе Боже... Thou wast transfigured on the mount, O Christ our God...

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