Tuesday, August 24, 2004

Eastern churches–related news
An ethnic neighbourhood near Washington, DC carries on
Ukrainians (note the spelling, Washington Post) have lived here since World War II, coming from displaced-person camps in Germany. I am and have been acquainted with several such; all speak Russian.

Today the Ukraine officially celebrates its independence day - meaningful for the far southwestern corner, which had been Polish-ruled since the 1300s (the final, real cause of the continued estrangement between the Russian Orthodox and the Pope) and thus has a separate history, language and identity (it is the home of the Ukrainian Catholic Church), and significant worldwide as it was part of the collapse of the atheistic Soviet empire, but face it - the rest of the country is Russia.

In that spirit, the naval fleet at Sevastopol flew the Russian naval ensign when independence was declared in 1991. (The cross of Christ and St Andrew vs. the secular blue and gold.) За великой Руси!

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