Tuesday, August 24, 2004

Fallout from Deal Hudson
Yes, Crisis, home of 'mature Christians' like Dr H. (He was at about the same rung as, and maybe lower than, using roofies to score. Really mature.) RC neocon bogosity: where have I seen this before? Well, there was the quack therapist I went to, recommended, 12 years ago, paying him $60 a half-hour (when I was making a pittance at a library, and no, my benefits didn't cover it) to chat while he did nothing resembling psychological or psychiatric (he was a medical doctor) diagnosis or treatment. Found out on my own what was wrong, eight years later, no thanks to him. Now he's one of the American RC bishops' favourites writing about homosexuality re: the mostly gay-priest scandal that hit the papers two years ago. News flash: not saying things that are formally heretical doesn't make you an ace therapist. This is what sex-offender priests were sent to? No wonder it all happened, again and again. And no wonder some of them still won't own up to what they did.

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