Thursday, August 26, 2004

From Dustin Hudson
Photo album of Prague (Czech Republic) and Prešov, Žilina and Bratislava (Slovakia)
Slavic and Catholic Europe, West and, via a glimpse in eastern Slovakia, East


Looks beautiful and from what I understand is very Germanized though not devout like nearby southern, Catholic Germany (more on Germany), while Slovaks are friendly and also devout like their Polish neighbours.

Slovakia’s Eastern Orthodox cathedral
Prešov/Прияшёв is a centre of Ruthenian culture. Around 100 years ago they were pro-Russian, as evidenced here.

Iconostasis, Greek Catholic cathedral, Prešov
Most Ruthenians are Greek/Byzantine Catholics - wonderful cathedral but the diocese is heavily latinized/modernized. I understand Košice to the west, a newly established one, is better. Here is a picture of a new, 'high-church', unlatinized Byzantine Catholic church in Bratislava.

Žilina (and a church)
Looks like a wonderful place - Dustin says one can rent a flat there for only about $100 a month so maybe a stay for a trip of a lifetime to Eastern Europe is doable.

The way things were not so long ago
The image people my generation and older have of Eastern Europe, because 20 years ago it was true. The best car in Russia then was the Лада, a (licensed?) knockoff of the Fiat (fix it again, Tony)! Now they've got Tesco's in Slovakia, and their version of Home Depot - colour and abundance! (I can read part of the sign over the door - 'high quality'. There are enough cognates with Russian to read things but when natives talk all I understand are numbers!)

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