Friday, August 27, 2004

From Greg Krehbiel via El camino real
Men don’t like sissy religion
Vestments, even with lace, etc., aren't inherently sissy - suiting up in church gear (like for a sport or a military operation) to serve at a sacrifice at a stone altar is anything but. Note that the proponents of modern sissy religion hate all those things. Thomas Day has written about that - hard vs. soft 'worship spaces'. Ours, of whatever rite, are the former.

Challenge boys today - teach them to serve, MC or be subdeacon at the Roman Mass or serve an Orthodox-recension Liturgy!

Mr Krehbiel mentions another problem in modern religion, and by 'modern' I mean at least the last century: 'But we get doe-eyed Jesus, meek and mild, who’s oh-so-gentle and ever-so-sensitive'. A.k.a. 'Jesus is my boyfriend', as a teen-girls'-magazine pin-up. Aside from naturally repelling men (or attracting some men for the wrong reasons), is this problematic and even potentially blasphemous? Oh, yes! Just like, heaven forbid, images of 'sexy Mary' would be. (I understand some cynical Italian publisher has done a calendar of just that with Page Three-type girls in tableaux of great Western paintings of Our Lady. Lord, in Thy mercy: hear our prayer.)

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