Thursday, August 12, 2004

From Katolik Shinja
The two options, equally bad, given American RCs
Re: Bishops questionnaire criticized for seemingly supporting Democratic positions & New poll says practicing Catholics more likely to support Bush

One side, the US RC bishops and their apparatchiki, have mistaken the faith for its knockoffs, secular humanism and socialism, whilst the other are functionally in the Protestant religious right, faults and all ('lip service against abortion is worth the life of a raghead or two, Bush is a rah-ghteous may-un', ad nauseam).

The real Catholic tradition, the historic mainstream far bigger and older than the American experiment or the RC presence in that experiment, within its theological and, yes, liturgical boundaries, is as 'diverse' as tsardom and Action Française on one hand and Dorothy Day and Catherine de Hueck Doherty on the other. (A 'diversity' that's missing from revival attempts like the Society of St Pius X, which can degenerate into a Jansenist, cardboard caricature of RC clerical culture from years ago.)

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