Saturday, August 14, 2004

From Tolle Blogge (a literate Protestant blog)
N.T. Wright on Mel Gibson’s The Passion
He said what I thought about the linguistic inaccuracy:

And fourth, as a historian I was deeply affronted by various things, particularly the absence of Greek. If you’re going to get people to speak first century Aramaic, you do not then have Jesus talking Latin for goodness sake to Pontius Pilate. They would have spoken Greek. And this is taken to ridiculous extremes. I have no idea. Gibson must have had some advisers. And were they asleep at this point where you get this whole business of the title on the cross ought to be in Hebrew, Greek and Latin, and it’s in Hebrew and Latin. I mean, what on earth is going on?
Thank you! Efharistó! (I haven't configured this blog to do Greek letters yet.) The Romans would have spoken among themselves in Latin (the Italian actors barking orders to each other seemed authentic) but to the Jews in Greek or maybe in some halting Aramaic (Pilate was stationed in Judæa a few years and could have picked up the lingo so that was OK).

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