Friday, August 13, 2004

L’affaire McGreevey
A real reason for him to quit: corruption/favouritism that potentially compromised national security, not gayness or adultery, issues for the confessional that don't matter as far as doing one's job as governor is concerned.

Of course since McG was divorced and remarried and he's pro-abortion he had enough issues with the church before adultery and misusing his office as governor to secure high-level employment for Mr Cipel.

I saw him 'drop the bomb' on live TV yesterday. Impressive speech, heartfelt, but the corruption issue with Mr Cipel is, again, the real issue.

I feel sorry for Mr McGreevey - but more for lovely Dina and his kids.

That said, I can imagine somebody like Howard Stern having a field day with this. Seriously, I don't care what his orientation is, but...

Background: this past year the governor, with wife and kids at his side, made some charming, 1950s-nostalgic TV adverts promoting summer tourism at the New Jersey Shore, a place that's an institution for generations of Philadelphians, both old-money and (many, many) proles.

I can see it now - same twanging 1950s electric guitar but with guys in Speedos playing in the sand and surf. Cut to McGreevey in a Speedo and rainbow-coloured shirt, perhaps holding a Cosmo in one hand with Mr Cipel at his side in the wifely pose.

McGreevey's lines:

'Vacation at the Jersey Shore: it's faaaaabulous!'

'Eat your heart out, Provincetown - New Jersey is the place to cruise!'

"His sexual orientation doesn't matter to me...," said Donald Bowman, 52, of Kearny, a school district worker in Newark.

"To each his own," said Vera Allen, 44, of Newark. "As long as he's doing his job, it shouldn't make a difference."

Quite right. The real prob was in a way he wasn't.

The speech, besides being no doubt sincere - the poor man seems like a tortured soul, and I'm not one of those people who wants to force homosexuals to live a lie - hit the note of old-fashioned honour: 'I lied to my family so I have no right to be governor, therefore I quit'.

But that's not the point.

BTW, it was found out in the straitlaced late 1800s that Grover Cleveland, running for president, had fathered an illegitimate child. 'Ma, ma, where's my pa? In the White House, ha ha ha'. He came clean and apologized - and won the election.

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