Wednesday, August 18, 2004

LRC’s fumble
In an otherwise unobjectionable, unremarkable article criticizing television, Fred Reed makes a racialist remark:

What does Hollyork promote? Toleration of foul language and a concomitant coarsening of society; hostility between men and women; truculent illiteracy and the values of the black ghetto; the elevation of homosexuality and promiscuity; disdain for religion; use of drugs, interracial sex, destructive feminism, eradication of the remnants of Anglo-European Christian civilization. It is not accidental.
Hang on! Two words ruin what otherwise is an entirely true statement. Did Mr Reed simply slip up and mean to type 'premarital' or 'extramarital sex'? Of course the races have been having sex with each other for centuries, including long before Philo Farnsworth invented the television - for example the late Alex Haley who wrote 'Roots' was as much Irish as he was Ghanian ethnically. If he'd traced his father's family, not his mother's, he would have ended up in Ireland; James Earl Jones would have said something like 'Seamus Haley, I have found you!'

And of course the Catholic faith and libertarianism (LRC usually is a shining example of the latter) don't object to interracial dating and marriage. (Don't mind if you do!)

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