Saturday, August 28, 2004

LRC pick
Paul Gottfried on ‘It’s the Jews’
Well and good but why is nobody outside this blog calling Fred Reed on this racialist remark?

What does Hollyork promote? Toleration of foul language and a concomitant coarsening of society; hostility between men and women; truculent illiteracy and the values of the black ghetto; the elevation of homosexuality and promiscuity; disdain for religion; use of drugs, interracial sex, destructive feminism, eradication of the remnants of Anglo-European Christian civilization. It is not accidental.
Ruined by two words.

From Mr Gottfried:

I wonder whether my anti-Jewish correspondents have ever thought the obvious, that minorities often behave the way majorities want them to.
I have. 'Yo, yo, wazzup, y'all? Yeah, we s'pozed to be bad.' Maybe Two-Beer White Guy isn't the only one being a bad caricature.

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