Friday, August 13, 2004

The Olympics: so what?
Not only do I not 'grok' sport as my friend Byrd puts it but, watching a documentary comparing the real games in ancient Greece to the history of the modern ones, I realized the only reason I was interested in this at all as a kid was it was where the Cold War was vicariously fought. A propaganda stunt all the way, disguised as peace in a sweat-suit and trainers.

The last straw for me was not long after that war fizzled, mercifully without going hot in a nuclear way. When pros were let in and you had men like Charles Barkley (a fine athlete, and honest, but he didn't belong there) going for medals that didn't mean much to them, stealing them from amateurs from little countries who, in the context of the ideal of the games, deserved them.

Today: I love the Russian people I remember from those times - very like the ones I've since met - and hate their government... rather the same way I feel about the US.

Two Olympic sports that are fun to watch, both winter ones: speed-skating (Eric Heiden in 1980) and the luge.

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