Tuesday, August 24, 2004

On this day
Nothing is lost with peace; everything can be lost with war... At present, in spite of our repeated exhortations and our special interest, the fears of a bloody international conflict are ever more tormenting. Today, when the tension of spirits has reached a level that makes the unleashing of the tremendous whirlwind of war imminent, in a spirit of paternity we make a new and heartfelt appeal to governments and peoples: to the first so that, laying aside accusations, threats, and the reasons for reciprocal mistrust, they try to resolve present differences through the only suitable means, that is, loyal, joint agreements. To the peoples, so that in calm and serenity, and devoid of uncontrolled agitation, they will encourage efforts for peace on the part of their leaders. ...Along with us, the whole of humanity hopes for justice, bread and freedom, instead of iron that kills and destroys.

- Radio broadcast of Pope Pius XII trying to prevent World War II, today in 1939

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