Sunday, August 29, 2004

Various and sundry
Iron Horse Adventure Deluxe Chinese-made piece of shit
After only two months/about 300 miles it's starting to fall apart - perhaps a slightly heavier true mountain bike would have been better than this 'hybrid'. Friday the back tyre came down on the road from one kerb too many and pop! Today the shock-absorber seat broke off - turned out the piece holding it in the shock was ... (semi-quoting the older guy in The Graduate) plastic! Perhaps it serves me right for buying something probably made by slave labour/political prisoners in the most ghoulish pro-abortion major country in the world, but you just can't avoid their stuff!

My house, my house, my house is falling down
That is, the two beautiful rooms (original living room and kitchen) and bathroom in this Edwardian house, which a slumlord has owned the past three of the four years I've been here. When part of the bathroom's panelled false ceiling caved in the first time, his choice of contractor didn't fix the leaky pipe that caused it or even replace the true ceiling directly under it; he just chopped a big hole in the latter, then replaced the panel. I was gobsmacked. Could be worse - could have been tub-smacked or at least hit by beams and rocks when it happened again yesterday.

Some things are right with the world
‘The Family Guy’ is back on free TV and is resuming production! All the things that make us effing cry.

On the box
‘Oliver Beene’
I know it rips off 'The Wonder Years' and 'Malcolm in the Middle' but it works for me and the early-1960s American details are very good. There are anachronisms for some of the jokes but the period feel never really goes away. Some of that makes sense as the now-grown main character is narrating à la 'Years'. And incidentally I'm in love with Wendy Makkena* in her Laura Petrie mode.

Hope this didn't bore you too much; Samer is back from a family wedding in Jordan so we should be getting more real news soon.

*Known best perhaps as the cute nervous nun in the execrable Sister Act (I was a captive audience for it on a long trip once).

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