Saturday, September 11, 2004

The Catholic faith
From Katolik Shinja
Orthodoxy vs. modernity: defending a common heritage
By Serdja* Trifkovic

By "common heritage" we mean the underlying unity of the Eastern and Western wings of the Christian civilization—long split by the tragedy of the Great Schism, and now threatened by the rot of disbelief, Christophobic norms and functional nihilism rampant throughout the Western world, but still one.
He makes lots of good points, including the one quoted above, but I don't think the West, including the liberal élite he describes, gives the Orthodox churches as much thought, good or bad, as he thinks.

What he describes is simply the longstanding anti-Catholicism of northern Europe and its extension, North America.

The Orthodox tradition well may be yet another target of this, from those few who know about it.

In fact in a backhanded way this common targeting proves the point that the Catholic faith East and West is one, in spite of nasty politics and other vagaries of history.

*Serbian for Serge (Sergius, Sergei).

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