Tuesday, September 14, 2004

Eastern churches news
Freak explosion flattens Ukrainian Catholic church in Connecticut
Господу помолимся: Господи, помилуй.

Nobody was hurt: Fr Cyril, his wife and son got out of the rectory next door just in time. The propane tanks used for cooking may have caused it.

To help Fr Cyril and his congregation rebuild, send money to:

St Mary's Ukrainian Catholic Church
178, Linwood Ave.
CT 06415

‘It’s... THE BISHOP!’
The apostolic ministry in action
An ordinand is blessed by Bishop Nikolai to wear the cassock (подрясник), St Herman's Seminary, Russian Orthodox Diocese of Alaska

The Orthodox Church: Russia’s gift to Alaska
The Russian Orthodox Diocese of Alaska has survived régime change and shameful attempts to protestantize the natives, some of whom are Russian-Aleut creoles. The track record of Catholic colonies isn't perfect but note, as the article says, that instead of killing and interning the natives like the Protestants did, the Russians, like the Spanish, intermarried with them.

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