Sunday, September 12, 2004

Eastern churches news
Pope killed in helicopter crash
Along with other bishops and priests: вечная память. Helicopters are a very dangerous way to travel - more so than aeroplanes.

But John Paul II is still with us. You see, there are four patriarchates that use the title, one in Rome and the other three representing the first see to use the title, that of Alexandria, Egypt (they're now in Cairo, much like the several patriarchs of Antioch in Samer al-Batal's Syria really live in Damascus). The actual head of the Church of Egypt or Coptic Church is Pope Shenouda III, who as far as I know enjoys friendly relations with his opposite number in Italy. (The Copts are the native Egyptians, the same ethnic group as the pharoahs.) And the small Coptic Catholic Church's patriarch has the same title, as does the patriarch of Egypt's small Greek Orthodox community (where the notorious Vassula Ryden came from, by the way) - the man, Pope Peter VII, killed en route to Mount Athos in Greece.

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