Sunday, September 19, 2004

From blog correspondent Dave McLaughlin
Follow-up to ‘Laura Bush speech interrupted by dead soldier’s mother’:

Score one for free speech
And for a real great American, Sue Sapir-Niederer

‘Prophet of Profit’?

God speaks through me.
- Current Occupant of the White House, George W. Bush, 16th July, 2004

DM: So, I suppose that the Bushling would have us believe that Almighty God...

1.) cannot pronounce simple words.
2.) is incapable of mastering linquistic syntax
3.) salivates over carpet-bombing
4.) is a liar.

Et multi pseudoprophetæ surgent et seducent multos.
- Matt. XXIV: 11

More on the Bush quotation from Lee Penn:

There are several stories about this; if it is true, it's a keeper for those compiling data on juicy "God's Own Party" quotations.

For the record, I think that Bush said it ... the report in the Mennonite newspaper is convincing to me - despite the White House denial.

At the end of this collection of stories, there is a roundup story from the History News Network, about Bush's claims to a direct line of communication with "God."

Kyrie eleison.

- Lee

What's doubly appalling is Mr Bush said this apparently in his handlers' effort to try to trick the Amish into voting for him - the war on Iraq goes against everything the Amish, and we, stand for.

Milking your sources

Here is The Washington Post's report on the White House denial:

The Kerry campaign’s one-word weapon

The president who talks to God ... Hello? Hello?

Back to Dave:

This is clever....
DM: This animation was produced by the Sojourners, a community of Evangelical Christians -- the nice kind... [End.]

Well done!

Very scary actual quotations from televangelists.

I don't think I'd be quite so generous in describing Sojourners, though, who are more like well-meaning mainline Protestants who, as they do here, get some of the Christian message right but, like the religious right 'rewriting scripture' in this well-done Flash cartoon (which is much like Mark Fiore's excellent work you can enjoy by clicking his link in our menu on the right-hand side of this page), in their mission statement on their magazine's masthead they disdain 'old dogmas' of the Catholic faith. At least Jim Wallis is prolife.

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