Saturday, September 18, 2004

From blog correspondent Samer al-Batal
Québec to start granting late-term abortions in local clinic
Lord, in Thy mercy: hear our prayer

UN agency warns of Africa locust crisis
S al-B: Long ago, I experienced a period of locust swarms. Those buggers make quite the audible splat when they crash like a tidal wave into the car windscreen.

Echoing the Byzantine Divine Liturgy, "For favourable weather, an abundance of the fruits of the earth, and temperate seasons, let us pray to the Lord."

Via Drudge Report:

Orthodox Jews offended by Madonna’s Kabbalah ties
As they probably should be, just like the bindi fad offended real Hindus

In the eyes of Rabbi Bazri, whose father was one of Jerusalem's most renowned Kabbalists, the material girl can't be in the club. But the real Kabbalah appears to have little to do with the new age phenomenon packaged and sold, often at a hefty price, by the Los Angeles-based Kabbalah Centre.
S al-B: No different than the Buddhism marketed in North America, a far cry from what the monks of Tibet follow and practise.

As for sincerity, forgive me for not seeing it in the case of the woman who appropriates a segment of sacred music (Good Friday's 'Today is Hung Upon the Tree' sung [hyperlink {access the link and choose 'El Yom Olliqa'}] by the Lebanese Fairuz, recordings of which you can still hear being played from the windows and balconies in the streets of the Christian quarters of Damascus every Easter season) and inserts it into the background of a song expounding on her starved libido.

[I never would have described Mrs Ritchie's libido as starved.]

S al-B: Maybe her new spiritual awakening will prompt her to take the opportunity this visit to right a wrong by crossing the border into Lebanon and begging for forgiveness on her knees from a woman who has known the horrors of a bloody civil war, clinging to her faith for sustenance during that intensely difficult time, and who undoubtedly did not expect her voice to be used for this egotistical (hyperlink to old ’91 Sobran column) celebrity's obscenely undignified purpose. [End.]

I don't pay much attention to the Material Girl - to me, she's, like, so 1984, but good points. (And wasn't she trying to be Mary Poppins recently, writing an English-themed children's book?)

I understand that recently Britney Spears (see her bit in Fahrenheit 9/11!) was playing with this.

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