Saturday, September 25, 2004

From blog correspondent Samer al-Batal
Electricity restored above pre-war levels - and more mounds of malarkey
'The Girl Blog from Iraq' registers its distaste for Allawi's and Bush's unconvincing tap-dance performance of optimism.

Blair: I will serve another full term as Prime Minister
Oh bugger.

With all the salty tears of frustration that must follow such a statement, I'd say the Thames just got more brackish.

From The Onion:
Organisers fear terrorist attacks on upcoming al-Qaeda convention

The gay-priest scandal
More fallout:

Austrian Catholics stage exodus over priest sex scandals
More than 10,000 people have left the Vienna archdiocese in the last few months, with thousands more leaving parishes across the country.
(Brendan Ross has pointed out that this is easy to track/confirm because Austria, like Germany, has a church tax people opt out of by quitting their church.)

And how they got there: from the latest Latin Mass (thanks for the gift subscription, Joe Oliveri):
Throughout the course of the post-conciliar years, priests - how many is anyone's guess - who opposed the revolution within the Church have been sent for 'psychological evaluations'... One of the victims of this ecclesiastical gulag system recently addressed a conference of The Latin Mass... A summary is easy: an attempt was made to strip him of every traditional notion of priesthood that contributed to the formation of his vocation - including making available pornographic material to assist in his 'hang-ups' regarding sexuality.
Don't get me wrong: there is a legit use of psych exams to screen ordinands and would-be postulants of religious orders but this is so obviously an abuse. Michael Rose is probably right - it was abused to let those of the gay lifestyle in and keep the theologically Catholic out.

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