Tuesday, September 14, 2004

From blogforlovers
More on the gay-priest scandal
Memo to at least one sex-offender ex-priest: come clean, at least to yourself, about what you did.

Rod Dreher tells the truth, echoing our own Lee Penn.

If one comes clean, one has nothing to fear from people like Messrs Dreher and Penn.

‘Icons are hip right now’
Among mainstream RCs, to quote old friend Brendan Ross, and Gerard's travels in France confirm that (the beautiful crucifix in Mantes cathedral shown here for example - happy feast-day of the Holy Cross by the way). Of course contra Gerard they are widely used by a living community, the churches of the Orthodox tradition they come from. The trouble with 'icons are hip' is that the rest of the objective, Godward, Catholic worldview contained in the Byzantine Rite, as it is in the Roman Mass and office, isn't recovered as well.

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