Tuesday, September 28, 2004

From Dappled Things
An idea I heard some time ago and/or have had myself for some time
This cheers me in two ways. One, it keeps what looks like a very pretty church from being destroyed. Two, it provides a place for the Old Rite to be celebrated with all the splendor that the Institute is wont to give, and it offers Chicago Catholics yet another option for worship. That the Institute is moving into a place that was otherwise unwanted calls to mind the noble example of London's 19th-century slum ritualists, who were able to celebrate a very high liturgy partly because they were willing to go into parishes that establishment men didn't want and work among people who didn't have the money or prestige of better sections of London. This is an idea that might work for traditionalist groups in some parts of the States.
- Fr James Tucker

It's what should happen in many places - give slum churches no-one wants anymore to the traditionalist orders with loads of vocations - but probably won't.

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