Wednesday, September 22, 2004

From Mike Russell
Pro-abortion speaker (and RC priest) at RC college
MR: I am a Villanova University graduate (1983).

I am deeply saddened (although not surprised) to know that the apostate, pro-abortion Jesuit, Fr. Robert Drinan has been invited to speak at my Augustinian alma mater on this, the feast day of the university's patron, St. Thomas of Villanova [today].

Villanova, by the way, is the university that chose actor Carol Spinney a/k/a Big Bird from "Sesame Street" (sic) as its undergraduate commencement speaker last year. No, I'm not making this up. (It would seem that the devil enjoys making fools of his servants as he drags them down into the abyss.)

I would encourage all express their "appreciation" to the misguided Fr. Edmund Dobbin. [End.]

I don't think Fr D or the other staff at Villanova will listen.

Villanova isn't a university in the real sense - more to do with job training, sport, fraternities and being a newly monied Irish-American (Kennedy wannabe) than anything that really matters.

No surprise really - except for heroic promulgations from Rome that go against mainstream society (defending the apostolic ministry against the attempted ordination of women, against abortion and contraception, and against things like the war on Iraq for example) I expect nothing from mainstream RCs including on matters regarding the Catholic faith.

To the college's credit, though, they also have invited Archbishop Desmond Tutu to speak. Granted, he isn't what he was 40 years ago and has sold out to PCness, etc., but one mustn't forget that he got started thanks to the Catholic faith - the Anglo-Catholics in South Africa such as Fr Trevor Huddleston (whose personal example got Tutu started) who for Christian reasons opposed apartheid (an idea hatched by the 'elect' Dutch Reformed Afrikaners) from its beginning in the late 1940s.

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