Wednesday, September 22, 2004

An interview with Desmond Tutu
CAROLE MACNEIL: I can’t help but think that you must be watching the unfolding war in Iraq and the images on TV and thinking, I can relate to what’s going on there based on what happened to you in South Africa, is that true?

DESMOND TUTU: Well yes and no. Yes I the sense that there is considerable sense of déjà vu, when you have a white master say we know what is good for you Iraqis. No in the sense that one had hoped that we would have a new paradigm of power. That something as so utterly unnecessary as war should have happened. (Couldn’t understand) unnecessary suffering that has been inflicted on a people who have been suffering over the many many years. Perhaps the one saving feature of a distressing situation has been the incredible outpouring of concern around the world. When you look at what happened on Feb 15th with people demonstrating for peace you felt proud for being human.

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