Thursday, September 16, 2004

LRC picks
How the US was tricked into World Wars I & II
I knew much of this about the Lusitania and of course the run-up to Pearl Harbor but didn't about 'Intrepid' specifically (but did about British spies in general manipulating Americans) or the real reason why Germany declared war on the US after Pearl Harbor - read and learn.

Bush has clearly delivered the goods for bin Laden

Community as it should be
Not only Catholic countries but a 'natural' one like traditional Japan were/are like this. Of course sustaining a culture like this is hard in places like secularized Britain and well nigh impossible in middle-class America, not only de-churched but destabilized with corporate wage-slaves moving from town to town, region to region, uprooting the family every few years. Reminds me of what old friend Mark Bonocore said about there being no 'generation gap' among the ancient-minded (like he proudly said he was), recently departed historian William Manchester in Goodbye, Darkness about life in America before the postwar baby boom and the 'brooding influence of the peer group' (or partly why the 20-somes I work with almost to a person aren't very nice*) and of course that great quotation (from Frances McDormand's character) in Almost Famous about adolescence being a marketing invention.

*Those in their 50s on up, even if they're 180 me in their beliefs (like a late journo for 40 years who was a 'lapsed Unitarian'), are - courteous older generations. It's like night and day.

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