Tuesday, September 14, 2004

LRC picks
Japan could not invade the US
Vox Day rubbishes the hateful Michelle Malkin's neocon lies for FDR's race gulag

10 questions for Michelle Malkin
More on World War II

The myth of ‘the Old Republic’

As I have become more and more radicalized, my mind has opened more and more. It’s been extremely rewarding, at least intellectually. Far from closing my mind to those who disagree with me on fundamental issues, I have instead become more open to the thoughts of those who I once thought were enemies of true morality and civilization. The reason for this is that, the more I discover that what I’ve been taught is a bunch of lies, the easier it is to investigate with an open mind the ideas that the Establishment scorns.

I know more about, understand, and appreciate, Objectivism, Roman Catholicism, and the conservative Reformed faith, since I became a libertarian. I also appreciate points of view from Pat Buchanan to Gore Vidal to Noam Chomsky – all of whom I once wrote off as racists and/or communists. Why did I write them off? Because I was told to do so. I don’t mean "ordered" or "coerced" into doing so, but that respectable conservatism would condemn Buchanan and scorn Vidal and Chomsky.
A punto.

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