Thursday, September 30, 2004

LRC picks
US out of Japan
Yes! Ironically Mr Bush has plans to do this in South Korea and Germany - seeming to make conservative noises - but of course his handlers are really freeing up troops to use in the Middle East. Lord, in Thy mercy: hear our prayer.

Bush isn’t really pro-life
Quite right. One correction: there is a place for the death penalty, says the Catholic faith, but we agree with Pope John Paul II that it should be exceedingly rare, so the article's point on this stands

While George Bush was Governor of Texas, there were 152 executions, while in other states some governors stopped all executions. A real pro-life Christian would find it abhorrent to kill even one human being, Bush set a new record for the number of executions done while he was governor.

George Bush has sent our military off to not one, but two wars and has sent combat troops to many countries. Bush’s wars have killed and wounded tens of thousands of innocent civilians. No one knows the exact number, because the Bush administration cares so little for innocent life, they won’t even keep a count.

No one knows how many innocent pregnant women have been killed by our bombs and bullets.

The religious right in America will tell you to vote for George Bush because he has dazzled them with some Bible quotes and Christian sayings. They will even tell you that Bush is anti-abortion, but George will never come right out and say he is. Yes he did sign the "Partial Birth Abortion Bill," but only after a poll said 80 some percent of Americans agreed with it.

George Bush has never sent any anti-abortion legislation to Congress nor has he used his bully pulpit to push for abortion reform. That is because George Bush is not pro-life.

George Bush is pro-power, he is pro-money, he is pro-war, and he likes to be commander in chief of the greatest military in the history of the world, but George Bush can never be called pro-life.

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