Friday, September 17, 2004

LRC picks
Why invading Iran is a bad idea

On the US assault-weapons ban

This got my attention because thanks to a friend years ago who was a gun dealer I got to fire an AR-15 on the range once, which was pretty cool. As for gun control, I don't know. There may be more than one right answer depending on the situation. (Just like 'A monarchy or a republic?') In Britain IIRC most people aren't allowed to have them (which I'm sure doesn't stop criminals) and the police famously don't carry them. Sounds good... And people there think American cities are all like the Wild West with gun-battles in many of the streets every day. (To be fair there have been two shootings in the town I live in during the four years I've been here, one 'domestic dispute' and a gang-related murder.) I like the pro-Second Amendment Americans, not at all criminal types. But I wonder - other than for serious self-defence who needs full-auto rifles? (BTW, I don't think private militias are per se a bad idea.)

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