Friday, September 17, 2004

Update to ‘My house, my house, my house is falling down’
The landlord finally let a plumber I chose come in and have a look. He found the cause of the problem in minutes. Turns out what caused the ceiling to rot and cave in wasn't a bad pipe but a crack in the wall - worn-out grouting. A contractor is supposed to come round next week - I'll know after that (if he makes the necessary repairs) if I have to move. The front windows leak and need sealing too.

The landlord's choice of plumber (they came about a fortnight ago) made the hole in my ceiling even bigger and replaced drains needlessly - by so doing they caused a ceiling cave-in and leak in the rooms behind mine. Brilliant. These Jamaicans were as good at plumbing and home improvement as their country's bobsled team were at winning medals in the Olympics.

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