Friday, October 29, 2004

Eastern churches
From blog correspondent Samer al-Batal

In Syria, Melchite archbishop says church must make its presence known
Ecumenical relations in Aleppo are excellent. In 2002, the archbishop took them a quantum leap forward by inaugurating an Orthodox-Catholic Church of St. Joseph. In this pioneering arrangement, Catholics use the church in the morning and Orthodox in the evening.
S al-B: One recalls the examples of pre-Vatican II œcumenism such as the gesture mentioned in the Catherine de Hueck Doherty blog entry below.

S al-B: When a Melchite relative of mine passed away, the funeral reception in Damascus was held in the basement of Holy Cross Orthodox Church and Melchite Archbishop Isidore Bat'teekha was kind enough to attend and offer his condolences. There is co-operation and good relations between the Churches in Syria, and that is good. Imagine this sort of fraternal conduct between Orthodox and Eastern Catholics existing in Slavic countries.

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