Friday, October 29, 2004

From blog correspondent Dave McLaughlin
Kerry against Bush
County Kerry, that is
What would St Brendán say?
Saint Brendan must be turning in his grave to think that the message of Christianity he spent his life preaching, and, introduced to America is now been used by Bush to spread fear, hate and war in order to gain money, power and oil. Saint Brendan was one of many missionaries who took up from where St Patrick had left off, spreading Christ's word of peace, harmony, tolerance and love. St Brendan was the first person to bring that message to America in the 6th century. He did not do this for his own personal benefit, nor had he ulterior motives. Also, unlike Bush, Brendan did not bid others to do his deeds, instead he risked his life and travelled across an unchartered ocean to spread his message.
DM: Ciarraí abú!

Incidentally as many already know John Kerry isn't Irish and never claimed to be. His Jewish paternal grandparents from Eastern Europe converted to Roman Catholicism and changed their name after coming to America. Not saying anything about it makes sense (in a dodgy way?) in Massachusetts, where his nominal (and in his case, quisling) RC membership and the Irish name I'm sure carry some political clout. I think his mother was of WASP heritage. (Rabbinically he's not Jewish either.) So actually his background is a lot like mine - mostly WASP with a touch of something else (that's not Irish).

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