Monday, October 25, 2004

From blog correspondent Dave McLaughlin
The US election: Cardinal Ratzinger to the rescue
DM: This is not the first time that the Holy See has rescued American [Roman] Catholics from undereducated Bishops. Consider the Vatican's reinstatement of New York's Father Edward McGlynn after his wrongful "excommunication" in 1889.

A Catholic would be guilty of formal cooperation in evil, and so unworthy to present himself for Holy Communion, if he were to deliberately vote for a candidate precisely because of the candidate's permissive stand on abortion and/or euthanasia. When a Catholic does not share a candidate's stand in favor of abortion and/or euthanasia, but votes for that candidate for other reasons, it is considered remote material cooperation, which can be permitted in the presence of proportionate reasons.
- His Eminence Joseph Cardinal Ratzinger, Prefect, Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith

Pope John Paul II on the World Day of Peace 2003

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