Sunday, October 17, 2004

From blog correspondent Samer al-Batal

Another wave of church bombings

S al-B: No casualties, thank God, but Iraq will suffer Christian losses of another particularly nasty sort, nonetheless. Apparently, between ten and fifteen thousand Christians have fled the country since the August church bombings. I believe the number of targeted churches then was the same - five churches - as of those hit in these latest incidents.

I will come tomorrow for the Mass. I don't care if I die. At least I will die in a place of worship and go to Paradise.
Just a small moral lesson from the catacombs there for the ever-callous 'I'll just squat and pray at home/God doesn't live in a building' AmChurch crowd.

['We will have the Mass'... the Church Catholic, ever the same, semper eadem, throughout history.]

No-prescription Valium in Iraq at twenty cents a bottle
A new blog entry from Baghdad Burning explains.

New addition to readers' blog lists:

Unfair Witness
The personal blog of 'tex', blogger.

Old (dated last April), but still deserving of space.

‘M’Lord, a letter from a Sir Brian...

We, the undersigned

...and 52 other former British officials addressed to some bloke called Tony.’

Whether the aforementioned recipient is the British slime sinister or this other Tony is hard to tell, as both seem to think alike in forming strategies and making decisions. Perhaps one has been advising the other all this time?

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