Friday, October 15, 2004

From Virtuosity
Anglican Communion: Windsor report revealed
The official Anglicans worldwide are willing to ban the consecration of gay bishops to keep their communion together. This would put out the Episcopal Church, which by consecrating Gene Robinson now officially teaches evil is good. As the press release suggests, though, one wishes the communion would do the same thing if Australian Anglicans in the diocese of Sydney approve 'lay presidency' at Communion, something far worse than the scandal of ordaining a public sinner (an 'open and notorious evil liver' as the 1549 Prayer Book says). (Rebuttal in advance of suspicions of Donatism: Of course ECUSA did far worse than make a Borgia or Medici Pope or consecrate somebody like Talleyrand a bishop - it was 'making a statement' that Robinson's sin is something good.)

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