Monday, October 25, 2004

LRC picks
Murder outside Fenway
The police state in action in Boston

The madness of King George

Identity crisis

My spoken English is a mixture of British and American English with a hue of German.
I think that's true of many/most Germans (and other northern Europeans) fluent in English, especially those who've been to university, like the readers on Deutsche Welle - they don't talk like ‘’Allo ’Allo’ or Col. Klink ('Ve hef veys off makingk you talk!') but more like crisp 1950s-style BBC English with a 'hue' of something else.

I become accustomed to the benefits of living in a capitalistic society that still rewards hard work and entrepreneurs with more pay and less taxes than a socialized country and a paternalistic government...
Right - again, European socialism (the latter) is an attempt to institutionalize noblesse oblige (what people like the Mountbattens meant when they said they were socialists). It's understood that some people always will be unfree and must be looked after.

I belong to a religious organization that is Catholic. The faith I practice is Christian. It was here in America where I returned to the roots of my faith again. My spiritual identification is in Jesus Christ. In this identification I can find everything I need to rejuvenate my spirit. I can find life of abundance coming forth from its well. The way I practice it may differ from other organizations. All I can do is reflect Christ’s character to the outside. I am not Jesus Christ, the Savior. My Lord does not wave a flag nor does He have a nationality. Those who wait upon His return must understand that He is not looking for brightly colored flags or blind patriotic duty to a political party. He looks upon the heart of every man and woman. His opponents will be the ones who sit upon the ruling throne of the land. They will be judged according to their deeds. My faith and religion are also not defined by a nationality. I am allowed to practice my faith, because of the principles that a country applied to their foundation. God blesses those who observe His laws and not because of my patriotic duty to a government.
How and how not to teach reading
Too many educators believe that the brain is wired for learning to read as it is naturally wired for learning language. It is not.

Louisa Cook Moats, in
Speech to Print, explains:

Alphabets, systems that use symbols for individual speech sounds, were invented little more than 3,000 years ago. It is understandable, then, that learning to read is not as natural or biologically "wired in" as are speaking and listening and that reading must be taught directly to most children over several years through formal education. Our brains are not as fully evolved for the processing of written language as they are for the processing of spoken language, and, therefore, learning to read and write are much more challenging for most of us than learning to speak. (pg 3)
That's how the brains of normal people work but with Asperger syndrome I think that's flip-flopped.

The coming corrupt election
Silver Lining #2: A crippled Kerry presidency with a Republican Congress will result in gridlock
Or, realistically speaking, knowing Michael Badnarik won't win, exactly what I want!

Iran is innocent

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