Saturday, October 30, 2004

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Saddam was friendly to Christians
Mr Bush's handlers' war is not

Reminder: a Greek Orthodox, Michel Aflaq, co-founded the Ba'ath Party.

The war is not another Kosovo, Constantinople, Lepanto or Vienna.

The need to protect Israel is the subject of daily articles in conservative publications, both online and dead tree. Pat Robertson even threatened to form a third party if the Republicans ever waver in their full-throated support of the State of Israel. Such concern for the plight of Christians abroad is non-existent.

Perhaps if the Assyrians and others renounced Christ and embraced the Talmud, American Christians would care what happens to them?
One factor may be that Mr Bush's brand of Protestantism and/or those of his followers don't see these Catholics as Christians.

Reminds me of Drake Adams' speculation of the wild-sounding but not impossible outcome that the Evangelicals may end up Muslims. (Posted on this blog - search to find the entry.)

The Vietnam-Iraq parallel
It would profit us to think about how the Vietnamese communists managed to win the war while losing every battle. In sum, they wore out our will to fight. They were home and had no place to go. We were foreign invaders tethered to a 12,000-mile supply line. The people of Vietnam supported them because they, like most people, resent foreign invaders. The people of America came to the point where they withdrew their support because they discovered that they had been lied to by the U.S. government and because, in the end, they didn't really care whether Vietnam was communist or corrupt. And that was the choice: communism or a corrupt government that didn't give a hoot about democracy.

Everything in the above paragraph applies to Iraq, with one exception. In Iraq, we are tethered to a supply line that is only about 8,000 miles long. But we are the foreign invaders, and the insurgents, most of them, are at home and have no place to go. The people support the insurgents, not us. Furthermore, the Iraqis want us out more than we want to stay. Fewer than half of Americans think the war was a good idea, and as American casualties mount, as they inevitably must, eventually Americans will decide that they don't care whether Iraq is a dictatorship or a democracy.
Choosing between Bush and Kerry ...'is like being asked which of the Menendez brothers you like better'.
- William Lind

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