Sunday, October 17, 2004

More on the nutter Protestant religious right from Drake Adams
I know that some Pentecostals - the 'Oneness' school - are non-Christians (they deny the Trinity) and have read that at least some Protestants are Nestorian* in their Christology as gauged by their reaction to the term 'Mother of God' (to be fair the term needs a little explaining for Protestants) but didn't know it was this bad:

But I see a rising intolerance in their group, a rejection of the Ecumenical movement that many had a part in, and the resurgence of Alexander Hyslop type anti-Catholic material. I believe that many of our conversions have led to a fear that has fed their rage against 'Tradition'. The only analogy I have, is I think we've come to the point similar to what the Church was like in the Middle East on the verge of the Muslim invasion. The Nestorians and Monophysites colluded with the Zoroastrians and the Muslims against the Orthodox - led to great suffering, warfare, persecution, and finally the marginalization of Christianity across the Middle East. (I should note, that the Nestorian alliance with the Zoroastrian Persians was particularly based upon patriotism in the Persian Empire, and Monophysite collusion with the Muslims based upon a perceived 'apostasy' in the Roman Church - "Melkites".) It only seems more pertinent for me as many in the Charis./Evang./Messianic movement are privately holding to Nestorianism now. My own father, Finis Jennings Dake, Lester Sumrall (and his sons and grandsons), and others in the 'Movement' hold that Mary was only the mother of 'the Human Jesus', and that Our Lord only became the Christ at the baptism in the Jordan (was without Divinity and Grace before.) Along with the rise of Calvinist theology in the movement (both because of the large number of Baptists gone Pentecostal, and the C. Peter Wagner and Ted Haggard 'Charismatic Presbyterians') - which has also brought about a new Charismatic idea of Predestination, temporal Triumphalism, and especially a sense of prosperity being the true indication of God's favor - there is plenty to be worried about. Despite the losses other Christian groups face, the Charismatic Evangelicals are *not* losing members : they are gaining in the US and worldwide, esp. in the aftermath of 9/11. If we don't evangelize them we'll be caught between them and the Muslims.

(I have another theory that the Evangelicals might end up as Muslims eventually, as they have no tools or arguments to counter those of the Muslim missionaries.)
Wow. Didn't see that coming though I've read that the two religious approaches are similarly simplistic. 'Never mind all that three-in-one, God-and-man stuff = just say you believe in Jesus/there is no God but Allah and Muhammad is His prophet' - maybe it's not that big a jump. Just like the Bosnians easily switched from Bogomilism to Islam when the Turks took them over.

Maybe my familiarity and experience as a convert who has to still live within this whole Charis./Evang. culture makes it seem exaggerated to me - I guess it isn't an issue in the NE [US], but in the West, Midwest, South - it sure seems that way.
One moral of this story historically is the enemy of your enemy isn't necessarily your friend. I understand the Copts let the Muslims take over their country, Egypt, because they hated the Greeks and have been suffering for it ever since. So Catholics, be careful - that goes for cooperation with either the Protestant right or with secular people and movements.

*The heresy the historic Church of Iraq was accused of but that experts now say they don't hold.

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