Thursday, October 14, 2004

The nutter Protestant religious right explained
... martyrdom could very well come in the future from the Evangelical/Charismatic sects - they are developing a triumphalist view, and the language I'm hearing from them is becoming far more extreme than it even was in Hyslop's day. From what I'm seeing, an Iconoclastic anti-Catholic movement is growing in American non-mainstream Protestantism: its likely targets will be the mainstream Prots (labeled 'Libruls'), [Roman] Catholics and Orthodox. And, these folk are getting pretty violent: they also have a fatalistic outlook, and have become extremely moralistic in their labeling. Anyone not like them is 'evil'. Of course, it could be that the death threats and other wishes of evil upon my family because of converting is coming from something else and wasn't meant seriously - however, I tend to think it is a growing trend and they are being serious. I wouldn't be surprised to see my own kin turn me in or murder me for my religious practice.

I'm sure it has much to do with my upbringing within the Ecumenical movement, the Republican party, and the 'TV Evangelist' experience. However, it is something I've seen afar off ... and already see it coming with certain individuals who *are* calling those of Catholic/Orthodox practice 'Satanists' and 'Traitors'.

Of course secularism is wrong, but ultimately I don't expect that to be where the real danger is. Why? Because Satan doesn't come as a Drag Queen or Transvestite Vampire: he comes as an Angel of Light. It goes along with the false morality that can bring us 'strange bedfellows' if we focus too much on moralism rather than the Faith itself.

Finally, because I *know* these people and have heard their threats. The 'ecumenical movement' has worn off. It is already publicly being stated by their layfolk and leaders that the 'Charismatics' amongst the mainstream and [Roman] Catholic folk might be 'false', and already that they should be cleared out of Protestant America. It is also coming out in the language of those who see any who do not strongly ascribe to the Neo-Conservative agenda as being 'evil traitors'. I see a time coming: a Civil War, Balkanization, a Persecution/Totalitarianism... and I don't expect it will be the minority secularists doing it: they don't have the power or the will (or the rage and anger.) I think having left the Republican party in 2000 has allowed me to see from the outside how folk are trading off: a righteous thing here, for three sins there. It's the slippery slope.

You know, I grew up *watching* the Neo-Cons infiltrate my party. I saw them seduce the Evangelical party, and part of my conversion to Orthodoxy (and to catholic faith) had much to do with seeing the theological changes happening to the Evangelicals over that time period: their eschatalogical views leaving them open to being transformed by the Neo-Cons, 'Hebraists' (Noachide/Judaic Ecumenicists), Militia/'Armageddon' types, etc. It should be a clue that these same folk hold a secular Jewish youth as 'worth more' (not the same, but *more*) than an Orthodox or [Roman] Catholic Palestinian child. The relish a few years back when so many of them were thundering 'Just nuke that old church in Bethlehem! It's an idol!" I could go on.

A holy Orthodox gentleman that I know, he said that the persecution will begin at the point that the conversion to the Apostolic Faith begins to threaten the Evangelical/Charismatic crowd. I think he's right. In one of my long conversations with my father (a famous Assemblies of God pastor, a Pro-Life personality who engineered the 'takeover' of the KS Republican Party in the ’80s) we discussed the issue. He considered the limitations of missionary activity in Russia, and the jailing of an AoG missionary in Greece as persecution. He does *not* consider it persecution for Israel to limit missionary activity, or the mistreatment of Catholics in English and American history, as normal for one of his persuasion. Anyways, the conversation had much to do with the tone of things in the party in TX, and the infallibility of our President (which he holds to, take that Papal Infallibility! ) - he suggested the 'wiping out' of the 'sinners and liberals' was coming. Catholics and Orthodox are 'sinners' in that worldview, no matter if one *is* Pro-Life. I said "The day is coming when your people *will* be killing us Orthodox on American soil." His only reply was to smile and say "Well, maybe...", and turn the conversation to the 'Biblical Commandment' to wipe out Amalek.

So: I don't think it is fringe or unwise to consider that the Likudization and Radical Protestantization of American Politics could be the Satanic 'Trojan Horse' in American society. Yes, in my local situation it does seem the most likely. The Charismatics and Evangelicals by and large don't weep when the [Roman] Catholics, Orthodox, etc. have scandals or have troubles with the government or the Seculars - they *REJOICE*, and see it as the Biblical 'Vengeance' on the Wicked. Don't let the duplicity of nice manners fool you - they say one thing in Interfaith meetings: quite another thing from the pulpit and privately.

I should add: Tulsa is the place where the trends become common that show up within a decade across the rest of the world as regards the Charismatics. What I believe is finally happening is that their Triumphalism (many now claim that the Charis/Evang/Pentecostals are larger than Rome) has led them towards the same mistakes that the Historical Churches already dealt with: the Iconoclast period in the East, the struggle with the King of France and the Antipopes, the pre-settlement fighting in England - where the seduction of secular power caused many to go astray and persecute the Church while claiming to be the Church. Of course, I hold that it is a *remnant* that will be saved (the remnant being 'all Israel' and the children of the Promise). For the first time in American history the Evangelical/Charismatic/Pentecostal sects (which have merged) have got a taste of power, and they are getting drunk on it (better if they had gotten drunk on wine instead.
- Drake Adams

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