Wednesday, October 27, 2004

There's two types of science fiction. There's thoughtful science fiction that stretches your mind in directions it's never gone before and there's escapist science fiction that takes you to a faraway land full of rayguns and green bimbos so you can get away from your troubles for awhile. Thoughtful science fiction is found almost exclusively in prose or radio. It almost never makes it to film or television. Even those shows that try to present thoughtful science fiction tend to mix in a few "rayguns and bimbos" episodes to please the Hollywood executives.
- Jump the Shark

And there was 'Star Trek': Gene Roddenberry's globalist-socialist-totalitarian (and vehemently anti-religious) message, got under the radar by masking it with ray-guns and tarts (Buck Rogers + the swinging ’60s). The Great Society in space.

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