Thursday, November 18, 2004

The Catholic faith
From Joseph Oliveri:

Harold06 wrote Joe:
Sunday night I was watching "Sunday Night Live with Fr Benedict Groeschel" on EWTN. The subject was death and the last judgment. A caller asked about St Faustina and her belief that one has an absolute last chance to repent immediately prior to the moment of death or at the moment of death.

I have never heard this before. (Of course, I have not read up on St Faustina!) Apparently she believed that Christ appeared to her and said that everyone would be given this final moment of grace.

Is this correct?

I enjoy Fr Groeschel and if he believes it, then I would be inclined to agree.

I like it! Reminds me of what very holy former friend Mark Bonocore once told me about a private revelation that said right after death if God finds any good at all in the soul He will save that person, but maybe not right away.

On the lighter side, Joe notices that Peter Gabriel and Fr Benedict Groeschel (a Capuchin friar, which explains the fine beard, who started his own variant of Franciscanism) do look awfully alike now and both can be said to copy the look of Orthodox clerics and monks!

One of my favourite black-and-white art photos (a postcard of it is on one wall at home) is of a man wearing a soft round black flat-topped hat with a long grey beard blowing in the wind - he looks exactly like some kind of Orthodox cleric or monk but it's actually Auguste Rodin, ironically the maker of some of the sexiest, most sensual scuplture ever.

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