Sunday, November 14, 2004

Eastern churches and today’s Roman Rite feast-day
St Josaphat: hero or heel?
• The estrangement between East and West never should have happened.
• Some accounts say Bishop Josaphat was zealous in keeping the Orthodox tradition but the other side says he was so vicious to the Orthodox who didn't go under Rome that even the Poles complained.
• To be fair, what are now the Byzantine Catholic churches haven't fared well in keeping that tradition (largely because they latinized themselves) and the rank and file among them now aren't particularly interested in it. A high-church minority are.
• In America the Toth and Chornock immigrant schisms should more properly be called the John Ireland and Basil Takach schisms.

A word from somebody I trust is far less controversial than Bishop Josaphat (as he isn't accused of persecuting anybody - quite the opposite), in his native language:

Призри, милосердый Господи Иисусе, Спасителю наш, на молитвы и на воздыхания грешных и недостойных рабов Твоих, смиренно к Тебе припадающих, и соедини на всех во единой, святой, соборной и апостольской Церкви. Свет Твой незаходимый пролей в души наши. Истреби раздоры церковные, дай нам славить Тебя единым сердцем и едиными устами и да познают все, что мы верные ученики Твои и возлюбленные дети Твои. Владыко наш многомилостивый, скоро исполни обетование Твое, и да будут едино стадо Твое и един Пастырь в Церкви Твоей, и да будем достойно славить имя Твое святое всегда, ныне и присно и в безконечные веки. Аминь.
- Блаженный Леонтий (Леонид Фёдоров)

Before the disunion of East and West I die in the Catholic faith.
- Paraphrase of Bishop Thomas Ken

Another (and might I add better than the other) site with ‘byzcath’ in its address
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