Friday, November 19, 2004

Eastern churches
The Rosary as practised by some Russian Orthodox
Such as St Seraphim of Sarov, a universally loved Russian saint
…I forgot to give you a piece of advice vital for salvation. Say the ‘O Hail, Mother of God and Virgin’ one hundred and fifty times, and this prayer will lead you on the way to salvation.
As one Russian Orthodox priest once said to me if that’s not the Rosary I don’t know what is.
The full text of the prayer is: Open unto us the door of thy loving-kindness, O blessed Mother of God, in that we set our hope on thee, may we not go astray; but through thee may we be delivered from all adversities, for thou art the salvation of all Christian people.
Милосердия двери отверзи нам, благословенная Богородице, надеющиися на тя да не погибнем, но да избавимся Тобою от бед: ты еси спасение рода христианскаго.

Of course she’s not a saviour in herself but saves relatively as she brought the one Saviour to the world. One of those prayers in the Catholic world that's fun for scaring Protestants but in serious discussions needs to be explained.

As I blogged on the 7th October I like the Rosary and it’s a great fallback for when you’re tired or unwell but I like the office better — real liturgical prayer centred on the Word with content for the intellect to work with.

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